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production updates

As of right now, production times are sitting at 12 weeks. We are adapting to our newest (& littlest) team member, plus we are figuring out our new normal with the pandemic affecting shipping times.

If a bride needs a rush order, which we expect as you all start to open up again and brides needs shift, no problem! We got you and your brides, however, please confirm with us before placing the order so we can shift production to accommodate. We also are now offering no rush fees through August and may continue with no rush fees for longer if needed.


Right now the pandemic is, luckily, minimally affecting our supply lines, the only issues that we have had arise are having pick ups scheduled, but we are working directly with our amazing FedEx driver to remedy that. 

We are taking every precaution we can and are ramping up how often we disinfect our studio to allow you to safely receive our product. 


Just as many of our industry friends have, we have been spending some time making non-medical grade masks for our community and local hospitals/medical facilities. We have currently supplied over 300 masks and scrub caps to nursing homes and navy nurses. We hope to be able to continue to help out in whatever ways we can. If you are in need of non-medical grade reusable masks for you or your staff, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can supply you with some. 

'one for one'

We're so excited to tell you all about our new 'one for one' program. This has been something we have wanted to do for so long, and are so glad it's finally happening. 

We really truly feel that this earth needs a little more love, and to help do our part we have paired up with One Tree Planted. From now on for each and every gown we sell, we will be planting a tree where they are needed most. This is an amazing way to give back to this amazing planet while helping make it just a little healthier. We hope, with the help of you and our brides, to plant at least 100 trees this year. 

last months best sellers

Welp, lets be real, theses last months were pretty much a throw-away, so we are going to use this as an opportunity to highlight some favorites. Ivy, Anna, and Eleanor.


These three dresses have been huge hits among our brides and would definitely be assets for you to have as stock.


Click on each picture to head on over to our wholesale site and add them to your forever collection.

Crop hands carrying plant Free Photo.jpe
meet our newest team member

Meet our newest and by far our youngest, team member. Harrison James. He is affectionately nicknamed Harry after his favorite literary character, lives for snuggles and despite his nickname, looks more like a Ron.

He spends most of his time at work doing quality control, making sure each one of his naps is done perfectly. And he for sure lets us know when something isn't up to his standards.


We are so excited to bring this new little man with us each day and has quickly become a huge asset to our team.


a note from Jessica.

Hey babes!

Uffduh, where do we even begin? It has been a difficult time lately. I know we're all feeling it, this pandemic and the fall out from it has really taken its toll on all of us both personally and business-wise. Between having to close down for a period of time and the just general fear and anxiety surrounding all of us I'm shocked we're not all a puddle of straight anxiety. 

I'm sure many of you have noticed that we have certainly been quieter on social media, as well as email correspondence. I would be lying if I said this pandemic, paired with some major complications I had after the birth of my 3rd baby at the end of March, hasn't had taken its own toll on me mentally and emotionally. Adding insult to injury I also very recently lost my mother in law after a fierce 5 year-long battle with cancer. I have been a mixture of emotions and taking that break from the social media craziness has helped to solidify myself once again and get back into a better headspace. I have been quietly working away a few hours a day at the studio with baby Harry to make sure that orders are still able to go out. To have that little bit of normalcy has really helped ground me once again.

As we move forward trying to embrace the new normal that is starting to show, I want you all to know that I am now more than ever thankful for everyone's support. Things have been rough around here and knowing that I have such amazing retailers supporting my brand is a shining light.


Some of you are planning your re-opening or have already opened, while some of you are, unfortunately, still stuck in limbo trying to figure out your next move with the, once again, increasing numbers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything, even if it's just to chat. 

Sending you all so much love, happiness, and coffee. 



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