Here's looking at you 2020

from feeling lost to a complete rebrand.

I'm about to get very real with you babes because it never fails, every time the end of December rolls around we find ourselves setting goals, expectations and putting pressure on ourselves to basically create a new life starting January 1st. I am no exception. But this year, I found myself in a different headspace.

“And when she loved herself, she found she was invincible.”

I have always loved what I do, this business is my passion, my (4th) baby and one of the most empowering things I have ever done in life. But after a year filled with ups and downs, I found myself feeling a little lost and very overwhelmed.

I knew I needed to make some changes.

After lots of coffee and encouragement from not only good friends but also an incredibly inspiring podcast, I knew that I needed to refind my purpose. My why, the real nitty-gritty reason why I love doing what I love. And I found it. And you know what happened when that happened? Everything else started to fall into place. That constant feeling of being lost went away, my overwhelm started to lessen. I was able to focus once again on the love and passion I felt every time I cut a new dress, sewed up a skirt, and drew out a sketch.

"empowering our brides so they feel effortless and romantic while letting their inner beauty and self shine. "

With my newly refound sense of purpose, I no longer felt like my 'branding' portrayed the real and authentic hyacinth. And so began the process of reidentifying not only who I was, but also my company.

After lots of hard work, inward thinking, and, of course, coffee. I want to introduce the 'new' hyacinth logo, look, and feel and with it the new (ish) me behind the brand.

Part of me was really hesitant about writing this, about admitting that I felt so lost in a business that I built from the ground up and really truly do love. But I feel that being real was more important. And I knew that in order to really move forward with my new purpose and the changes I have made, I had to share why and what I felt.

There's really nothing better than knowing you are being true to yourself.

I forever want every single bride out there to feel empowered, to love themselves, feel beautiful and comfortable and to not worry about the number on the dress tag. To never forget to let their inner self shine and to remember that they are an amazing human and that being true to yourself is the most wonderful thing you could do. And I am forever grateful that my pieces can play such a pivotal roll in that.

And with that babe, here's to 2020, to refinding your purpose, your passion, and remembering that you are a badass.




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